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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do I get a discount for multiple pets?

A: No. Rather than raising our premium and offering various discounts, PawPaw Pet Health Care Insurance offers all its customers the same affordable premium.

Q: Does my pet have to go for an examination before cover commences?

A: In the case where the pet’s history is unknown, we may ask for a veterinary check-up prior to acceptance. In this case the veterinary consultation will be for your account.

Q: Can I go to any vet in SA?

A: Yes, provided that your vet is registered with the Veterinary association of South Africa you can go to any vet in South Africa.

Q: Do we offer cover for pre-existing conditions?

A: Some pre-existing conditions may be subject to specific waiting period or be excluded from cover. When signing up, PawPaw will advise if a condition will require an extended waiting period or if it will be completely excluded from the policy outright.

Q: How long before I can claim?

A: There is a standard 30 day waiting period for illness claims from the inception date of your policy. In addition to this there are condition specific waiting periods whereby you cannot claim on the listed conditions. Should your pet be in an accident there is no waiting periods for accidental injury claims.