We love our pets 365 days a year, but there’s something magical about Christmas time that makes us want to be with those who are special to us. Here are our top six reasons we love Christmas with pets.

1 – It’s a great excuse to buy them presents!
Many pet owners need no excuse to buy gifts for their pets year-round, but if your pet has a slightly careworn cuddly toy or a seriously frayed scratching post you have the perfect reason to not only buy a brand-spanking new one, but to wrap it up beautifully too. Just remember to wrap it in a pet-safe way by excluding any ribbons or small parts that can be swallowed.

2 – Christmas baking is so much fun!
We’ve really enjoyed testing out some pet-friendly Christmas recipes, and we’ve posted one for you here. It’s a really great way to do something special for your pet in a healthful way.

3 – Time off together!
This year, with Christmas falling so close to a weekend, most of us will get a slightly longer block of time off than usual. This means we can spend even more quality time with our loved ones, including our pets!

4 – Sending Christmas Cards!
Every Christmas I find myself struggling to think of what to write in my Christmas cards to friends and family until, last year, I hit upon the idea of sending cards from my pets! It’s a fun, charming way to give those close to you an update in a more original way, and it’s a great way to justify including adorable photos of your pets. If you want to help an animal charity this Christmas you can choose to buy one of the many charity Christmas cards on the market.

5 – Sharing the love!
Christmas is a time for giving, good cheer and great company, and what greater company is there than an adoring pet?

SOURCE: https://www.animalfriends.co.uk/blog/6-reasons-to-love-christmas-with-pets/

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