We know…

Pet Insurance costs can be ruff

So PawPaw has made it easier for you!

Affordable pet insurance made for your furry family member.

Our Pet Insurance Plans

PawPaw offers three pet insurance products designed to
be affordable, reliable and authentic.

Comprehensive Plan

  • Day To Day Cover
  • Accident Cover
  • Illness Cover
  • Virtual Vet Access
  • Lifestyle Benefits
  • Hospital Cover

Dog from R290pm
Cat from R225pm

* (on accident or illness claims)

Smart Plan

  • R30 000 Annual Limit
  • Per Claim Limits
  • Day To Day Cover
  • Accident Cover
  • Illness Cover
  • Virtual Vet AccessOptional
  • Lifestyle Benefits Optional
  • Hospital Cover

Dog from R195pm
Cat from R145pm

Accident Plan 10 & 20

  • Accident 10: R10 000
  • Accident 20: R20 000
  • Day To Day Cover
  • Accident Cover
  • Illness Cover
  • Virtual Vet Access
  • Lifestyle Benefits
  • Hospital Cover

Accident 10 R70pm
Accident 20 R137pm

* (on accident or illness claims)

Why choose our pawtacular family ?

PawPaw is dedicated to taking the GRRR! out of vet bills and putting the PURRR into easy claims.
We’re also focused on offering extra benefits to keep the furbabies happy and keep their tails wagging.

Quick Turn Around

Our Claims are processed within 72
hours and payments are paid to the vet
or the policy holder as required.

Lifestyle Benefits

Enjoy covered benefits for your pets like annual health checks, socialization classes, deworming, grooming, doggy day care, and more!

No Annual Limit

Our comprehensive plan has no annual limit (individual case management applied). We are one of the few product providers who offer this benefit.

TAME Vet App

With TAME, you can access live veterinary advice, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Available exclusively to Comprehensive policy holders.

What our clients have to say

At PawPaw we take pride in our customer care and service.

Ensuring that our clients enjoy their PawPaw experience is every bit as
important as taking care of their pets.

Our team is always happy to receive feedback, and we’d be honoured 
to receive yours! We’re all ears.

Hearing that our beloved dog has Lens Luxation, and that immediate surgery is required – is both shocking and heartbreaking. The cost to have this done is overwhelming. But, the PawPaw team pre-authorized his surgery the SAME day we received the diagnosis. And because of this our Logi could receive his surgery and it seems his vision (though impaired) was saved. THANK YOU to the amazing PawPaw Team. Sasha, Chanelle and Cam – you guys are the best!
Jen & Logi

Thank you. You guys are truly angels!! I will recommend Pawpaw to my friends and family.

N De Araujo

It’s been a pleasure dealing with Pawpaw, I’m very happy with your service so far! You’ve made looking after my girl so much easier and stress-free.


I would just like to extend my gratitude to the whole team for their assistance during this strange time! Well done on the great service. Stay warm, stay safe and love more!

L Charlton

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