Your Kitten Grows Up

Say sayonara to those kitty kisses! Spring means it’s time for those little paws to grow up into cat claws. Okay not quite.. they are still adorable as ever, but kittens can experience growth spurts at this time. If you notice that your feline fur-baby is getting bigger and bigger, then it is a sign that spring is on its way.


Seeks the Sun

Sunbathing for a cat is pure bliss. Even an inch of sun shining through the window means its game on. Don’t try stealing it or you will get a paw punch to the face. In the winter it’s all about snuggles and warm blankets. Those will be a thing of the past once spring rolls around. If it is a nice day, be sure to open the window curtains and let the sun seep in for your cat to enjoy!


Her Window Game is Strong

Your cat is longing for the time when she can step outside of the confined walls and show that squirrel across the street whose boss. As the critters and birds come out of hibernation the window is the hot spot to be at all hours of the day


She Wakes up at the Crack of Dawn

Have you noticed that your cat is waking up at the crack of dawn lately? That is definitely a rhetorical question, as your cat will be sure to make you notice. Whether it is pawing at your face or lying on your sleeping body, it won’t stop until you’re up and ready to play.

Interacting and playing with your cat throughout the day and especially before bed time could reduce the number of early morning wake ups, but we can’t make any promises.


Bouncing off the Walls…Literally

Bouncing off the walls and maniacally running around the house at all hours of the night are just a few things to expect when spring approaches. It could be that your cat is just so excited for the weather it can’t take it but chances are it’s an attempt to drive you as just as crazy as they feel being cooped up in the house.

The laser game is a fun way to keep your cat’s mind and body active and could help reduce this crazed behavior (emphasis on could). To spice it up try hiding tasty treats to keep their hunting skills on point!


Becomes Territorial

In the fall most cats are settling in for the season. As the days start to lengthen for spring, females begin heat cycles and males start to claim larger territories. Even if your cat is neutered, it is a part of their nature to recognize the coming changes and territorial issues can arise.

If you are multi-cat household be sure that everyone has their space in order to avoid confrontation. This includes placing multiple litter boxes around the house for each kitty to use or providing each cat some well needed alone time away from the others.

Our cats are just as ready for spring as we are! Be sure to give your cats plenty of attention this time of year and always make time to play. This can help ease some of that agitation that comes along with waiting for those warmer months.

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