Accident Plan 10 & 20

PawPaw Accident Plans because accidents happen

Overall Policy Information

Available for cats and dogs over the age of 8 weeks at inception.
  • Accident cover.
  • Claims processed within 72 hours.

Accident 10 Plan

  • Premium: R70pm
  • Annual Limit: R10000 per policy year

Accident 20 Plan

  • Premium: R137pm
  • Annual Limit: R20000 per policy year

Excess Structure

  • 15% of claim cost, minimum R250

What’s Covered by Accident 10 & 20

Your pet is only covered for accidents resulting from:
  • A Motor vehicle accident:
    Example: When pets travel with furparents, or runs out of the park and gets hit by a car.
  • A burn or electrocution:
    Example: Puppies love chewing charging cables (which can cause injury).
  • A fall from an elevated position, or tumble off a couch:
    Example: Cats and kittens climbing onto, and falling off, high roofs and trees.
  • A near drowning:
    Example: Mom’s French Bulldog chases a duck into a pond (nearly drowns.)
  • The actions of another animal:
    Example: A cat or dog fight that needs urgent care.
  • Ingested or embedded foreign object requiring surgical or endoscopic removal:
    Example: When doggo swallows your child’s toys or puppy swallows your shoe strings.
  • A snake bite:
    Example: Cats and dogs on farms or in stables. And especially regular hiking doggos.
  • An allergic reaction to an insect bite other than tick or flea bites. Biliary (tick bite fever / bosluiskoors) is covered as an accident.
  • Accidental Poisoning:
    Example: When the neighbour puts out poison for pests and your cat or dog ingests it.

* These prices and the cover reflected here are indicative of our services and are a guideline only** E & OE Pet Insurance South Africa.

Or otherwise resulting in:

  • A fractured bone:
    Example: Horse kicks a dog in the park, heavy equipment falls on cat.
  • A traumatic ligament or tendon injury:
    Example: Accident while jumping off a shed roof, resulting in ligament tear.
  • Lacerations, abrasions or wounds:
    Example: Dog or cat suffers deep tear into skin from razor wire.
  • A gastric torsion (Gastric dilation volvulus):
    Example: A gastric torsion is caused by rough play or running, in breeds like Great Danes – and the stomach twists. This is a life threatening event.
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