Examine their feet. Before cleaning your cat’s feet, you should take a quick look at them. This will provide you with information about the general health of your cat’s feet.

Rinse their feet. By rinsing their feet, you’ll remove dirt and grime and make it easier for you to wipe down and clean your cat’s feet. You’ll also aid in their self- cleaning process by removing debris before they lick their own feet.

Wipe their feet gently. After dipping, you should gently wipe your cat’s feet in order to remove any excess dirt that remained after dipping. Wiping their feet down is important, as you’ll be able to get dirt that wasn’t removed when you rinsed their feet.

Get in between their toes. In order to clean your cat’s feet properly, you need to make sure that you clean between their toes. This is important, as dirt and grime may accumulate in hard-to-reach areas of your cat’s foot.

Avoid using chemicals not intended for cats. Since cats regularly lick their own feet to clean them, you should avoid using soaps or other chemicals not intended for cats. By using these products, you’ll potentially introduce chemicals that your cat will wind up licking and digesting.


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