Dogs In Autumn – 8 Things To Avoid!

1. Night time walks
Things To Avoid!
Night time walks can be very popular for dog owners as they can fit in with their busy schedule. As the days get shorter these can become more frequent, sunset might come sooner than you think. It is always wise to have some kind of reflective gear on you and your dog, especially if you come across cars zooming by which can excite dogs.

2. Mushrooms
Things To Avoid!
The humid weather and large amount of leaves create the perfect environment for mushrooms to start shooting up everywhere, and, just like you wouldn’t start plucking and eating these as they come, neither should your dog. Not all mushrooms are dangerous, but these are risks that you just don’t want to take. It is important to stay vigilant when going for hikes in woodsy areas and other places mushrooms might be.

3. Fleas and ticks
Things To Avoid!
Were there is heat, there is fleas. Many presume that you can only pick them up on camping trips or walks through trees or tall grass, and dealing with itching or disgusting ticks that can transmit Lyme Disease and a range of other nasties that can come when dealing with these pests.

4. Mothballs
Things To Avoid!
Mothballs are very are more common than you may think. Because the thought of hotboxing obnoxious critters to death reminds us of the good ol’ days of rummaging through Grandma’s closet for vintage gems. If your dog has Mothballs it needs to be taken care of immediately. If your dog is unlucky enough to come up to you with mothball breath, get them to a vet ASAP.

5. Compost
Things To Avoid!
One of the most well known facts of all time is that dogs love gardens. Your dog eating half-decomposed food is not going to sit well with their digestion. For the eco friendly out there apple cores you throw the ground to decompose will make your dog sick.

6. Antifreeze
Things To Avoid!
It’s deadly. Five table spoons can kill a medium-sized pup. Dogs will never be aware of this. Whilst your mechanic or friend might be careful keeping this stuff out of harms way it only takes one time for it to be accidentally in paws reach. Never let your dog drink from puddles, especially if you are unaware of the source.

7. Rodenticide
Things To Avoid!
As temperatures drop various creatures will be drawn to your home, resulting in many people stocking up on traps and poison. It can’t be stated enough how important it is to make sure that your dog is not within easy access of these deterrence or the consequences could be fatal. Always have emergency numbers on hand so you react quickly should this situation arise.

8. Allergies.
Things To Avoid!
Changes in season are a very common reason for allergies to act up which could irritate your dogs skin. If you see common signs of your dog being uncomfortable, especially after being outside then get in touch with a vet for advice and possibly medication.


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