As cat owners, we are aware that our cats have less need for our attention as much as our dogs do. Therefor when it comes to our little feisty furry friends, we’re more – just as they are – laid back. However, it may seem as if your cat does not need help most of the time, but just as us and just as dogs, cats cannot tolerate the heat of summer and helping your cat cool down could possibly be the best thing you could do for them.

This is how you can help your cat keep cool through summer:

  • Make sure there is shade for them outside in your garden- Shade will help keep them directly out of the sun and a little cool if they’re not interested in being inside the house
  • Make sure that you brush your cat on a daily basis – Tangled hair traps heat, so grooming them often will help alleviate the heat. Especially for cats with long hair
  • Make sure that your cat is kept calm at all times, An active cat will become quickly exhausted and dehydrated.
  • Keep plenty of water with easy access for your cat. Your cat could become extremely dehydrated and will need to hydrate constantly.

So make sure you pay attention to your little friends, they might not show it but I’m pretty sure
they’ll be super appreciative!