Pets and Booze – a big ‘nope’

While many South African pet owners know that animals and booze don’t mix, with the Christmas season approaching, many of us may be consuming a bit more than usual. Mostly, animals are not interested in alcohol itself, but rather the tarts, puddings, and mixers etc that go with it. Pets DO become easily intoxicated, and it is not always outwardly obvious what has happened.

While humans have (at the least) a hangover to deal with after over-indulgence in alcohol, pets face larger risks that may be life-threatening.
Products and ingredients used to produce alcohol may be toxic, hops, grapes etc are definitely a nope for animals.

So to be safe, if your pet does accidentally imbibe an alcoholic drink (or too much of the stuff via a pudding or food item they should not have eaten), take them to the vet immediately.
Fellow South Africans, enjoy the upcoming festive season, and remember to look after your pawsome furry friends by keeping your Christmas tipple to yourself and fellow humans!

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