Blockade furniture temporarily. Many puppies like to den by wedging themselves behind or under furniture. Making temporary blockades around bedroom furniture such as beds and dressers can keep your puppy from hiding in a space it shouldn’t.

Hide wires and cords. In addition to bedding, many people keep electronics such as TVs, stereos, or devices in their bedrooms. Hiding any potentially dangerous cords and wires can minimize the risk of injury or even death.

Clear away toys and/or knick-knacks. Puppies are curious and love to play. Your puppy may see toys or other knick-knacks in your bedroom as chew toys. Small pieces are easy to swallow and choke your puppy. It can also knock over small items, possibly causing injury.
Cover temperature control units. Many bedrooms have heating or cooling devices to keep you comfortable through the night. But these can also present a danger to a puppy. Cover and secure any heating and air vents or fans to minimize the risk that your puppy burns itself or gets too cold.

Move plants to safe spaces. You may have plants in your room to give it a bit more atmosphere. Many plant species are poisonous to puppies and dogs. In addition,your puppy may try jumping from nearby spaces to hanging plants. Move any potentially poisonous or hanging plants to a place your puppy can’t access.


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