How to Be a Responsible Dog Owner

Create a space suited to your dog
Dogs need appropriate shelter. At minimum, that means space to move around, climate control, and clean bedding.

Make your home safe
“Dog-proof” your house before your pet arrives. That means moving anything that’s valuable and/or breakable out of their reach, blocking access to any area you want to be dog-free, and securely storing any potentially toxic substances.

Let your dog out regularly
Grown-up dogs need to urinate at least every 8 to 10 hours; puppies every few hours. Besides taking your pet on walks, get in the habit of letting them out first thing in the morning, directly before bed, and after mealtimes. Doing so will keep them healthy and your floors safe from accidents.

Make your yard secure
It’s essential to let your dog out, so be sure that the outside is safe for their sake and contained for the sake of your neighbours. Outdoor areas should have a controlled border, established by physical or invisible fencing. Keep dangerous tools (like axes) and substances (like fertilizer) in locked storage.

Get the proper supplies
At the very least, you’ll need a food dish, water bowl, collar and/or harness, leash, toys, and bedding. Many people also get a carrier case and crate. Local pet shops can help you pick the most appropriate supplies for your breed of dog.

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