As a pet owner, we are always wanting what’s best for our pet, whether it be what food they’d enjoy, the type of collar or lead that would look good on them, the most comfy bed or even just a simple good ol’ toy. However, when it comes to drastic decisions, especially one where it requires shaving your furry friends for summer, it is really the best idea?

Many pet owners make the decision to shave their pets when summer hits and this, not to avoid the fluff, but because they think it’s the best way to keep their pets cool during summer, just like us humans do with the hair on our heads. But did you know that shaving your pets just for the sake of thinking it would help them deal with the heat, is in actual fact quite possibly harmful for them.

Your pets coat acts like an insulation for homes. Insulation for homes are meant to keep the house from getting too cold during winter, and too hot during summer. The coat on your pet has the same functionality, whereby it keeps your pet from getting too cold, or too hot. The coat also acts as a protection to keep them from getting sunburn or even worse, skin cancer. Most doctors would recommend not shaving your pet unless it’s for hygienic or medical purposes.

If you find your pet is getting too hot during summer, have a look at some tips to help keep them cool, It’s the best thing you could do for them.

Lesson of the day: Perhaps shaving your pet isn’t such a good idea!