Most dogs are intolerant of too much heat, so it is crucial that you are aware of the signs of heat stress or heat stroke, and how to treat them if they come about. Knowing exactly what to do when your pooch is overheating, and immediate action can save their life.
In order to prevent overheating during the hot summer months, make sure your pooch has a shaded, breezy place to rest, away from direct sunlight. Always provide plenty of fresh, cool drinking water and spoil them with a few blocks of ice in it. Do not overwork your dog on HOT days, let them rest as much as they can (in shade), better yet, bring them inside!

However, if you are not aware of the signs of overheating and how to treat it, here is a list of signs
your pooch is overheating:
1. Heavy panting or rapid breathing
2. Excessive thirst
3. Glazed eyes
4. Vomiting, diarrhea
5. Excessive drooling
6. Seizures
7. Increased pulse and heartbeat
8. Weakness
9. Elevated body temperature
10. Frequent breaks laying down

Now, here is how you can help your pooch:
1. Watch your pooch for signs of overheating during the hot weather
2. Using a rectal thermometer, take your pet’s temperature
3. Reduce your pooch’s temperature by putting cool wet towels over his neck, under his
armpits, and between his hind legs.
4. Use ice blocks
5. Give your pooch fresh cool drinking water
6. Let your pooch stay inside the house on HOT summer days
7. Use a fan or the aircon to help your pooch cool down
8. Do not take your pooch for walks in the sun and heat
9. Use doggie boots to protect your pooch’s paws from burning
10. If nothing seems to work, take your pooch to the nearest vet

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