Begin training by teaching your dog how to sit on command. Sitting is the dog
form of politeness. It is a natural action. It shows that a dog is not aggressive and
that she or he is willing to wait.

Give positive praise when your dog sits. As soon as she or he sits, say “Yes!”
and deliver the treat. The goal is for the dog to connect the action, phrase, or word
with the treat and the praise.

Replace the treat with hand signals. As your dog learns the verbal command, stop
assisting the action and begin to use an accompanying hand signal. A common one
begins by placing your flat hand over and in front of the dog’s head. While saying
“Sit”, pull your hand up into a loose fist, or lift it in a J motion to end with your palm
facing up.

Repeat until your dog responds to your command every time. This can take
some time, especially if you are training an adult dog or a stubborn dog. However,
don’t give up! It is important to the relationship between you and your dog that it
follows your lead. This will help you live together and will actually keep your dog


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