Unpacking PawPaw insurance terms – What makes PawPaw different – Understanding Annual and Sub Limits

Maximum sublimit per claim

This is the maximum amount a policyholder can claim, per claim. If the maximum sublimit is R 3,000.00, it means that your claim will be paid up to and including R 3,000.00 (effectively, if your VET account is R 5,530.00 only R 3,000.00 will be covered). Can you ensure that all your VET bills will be less than the maximum sublimit per claim?

At PawPaw we don’t expect you to see into the future, therefore:
PawPaw has NO sublimits per claim  

Total annual limit per pet
This is the annual limit claimable per pet, meaning if you have pet insurance, and the policy has an annual limit of R 15,000.00 per pet, you can claim up to a maximum of R 15,000.00 per pet for that year. If your VET bills are higher than R 15,000.00 per year, you will be liable for the remainder of the bills. Can you ensure that your VET bills will not exceed the annual limit per pet?

At PawPaw we don’t want you to worry about Vet bills half way through the year, therefore:
PawPaw has NO annual limits and NO annual limits per pet 

How does PawPaw manage to do this [no annual or sub limits]?
Individual interactive case management per event, per pet, simply because your furry friend deserves the very best.

In closing, Are you sure you have insured your whole family?

We will discuss : UPFRONT UNDERWRITING in our next blog
Have a pawesome day

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