1. Meet your Pet Expert Broker

  • The selected Pet Expert Broker will contact you via your preferred way of communication.
  • The broker’s company branding will be visible alongside PawPaw Pet Insurance branding.
  • Your Pet Expert Broker will supply you with the necessary documentation to help you start the PawPaw journey!

2. Application process

  • Your Broker will be requesting your pet’s current care provider’s details as well as previous care provider details.
  • The Pet Expert Broker jumps into action – and does everything for you!
  • This step’s time period is reliant on the speed of communication from relevant care providers.

3. Completion

  • The Pet Expert Broker will inform you of your pet’s policy approval status via email.
  • Upon policy approval, the Broker will require final documentation sign-off.
  • Finally: you and you pet are welcomed to the PawPaw Pet family!
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