Why A Single Plan Doesn’t Suit Them All When It Comes To Pet Health Insurance

Hey everybody, we hope you’re doing well and staying upbeat in the current environment we’re all faced with at the moment.

There is a large choice of pet insurance companies in South Africa who would look at insuring you, but the big question (really) is do you want to be insured by them?
What are your rights, what are your benefits, what are the pitfalls and (sometimes) negative implications? Is there a single plan that works for everyone, or do you need to look more carefully at what it is that is actually being offered, versus what appears to be offered?

We at Paw Paw Pet Health Insurance believe that you need to look very carefully at each individual use case to understand the value, and ultimately the benefit to yourself as the insured party. Your overall level of satisfaction with the product (or any insurance product) you choose, will depend on how closely it matches your expectations. In short, your satisfaction depends mainly on whether you get what you thought you’d signed up for.

To make that process as easy and transparent as possible, we offer you plain insights into what is covered and what is not, what levels of cover to expect and how our claims process works.
We would also like to offer our potential clients a behind-the-scenes insight into our company culture: we are pet people ourselves. We treat every claim with utmost urgency and respect, as we would like to be treated if we were in the same position. That is our promise to you.
We have thousands of very very happy clients who know that they’ve made the right choice when it comes to pet health insurance in South Africa, and we make it our job to look out for them. We are continually improving our processes and customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Although our processes are streamlined for use-of-use online, with all our applications, claims and pre-authorisation handled easily via our website, we are real people behind the screens. We’re pet people. We’re here for you when you need us most.
Talk to us to find out more about cover for you furry loved ones.


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